Owned by the Fuentes brothers who have been in the restaurant business in Champaign since 1998


Leaf Defehr, Executive Chef and General Manager, enjoys his ability to work with farm-fresh ingredients. Chef's background encompasses work in a variety of cuisines including Asian, Italian and French, all of which inspire his unique style of cooking here at V. Picasso. 

Owner: victor fuentes

Victor is the founding partner of El Toro Mexican Restaurants, V. Picasso, Wedge and the Pink Pig (opening 2018). He enjoys to eat and loves spending time with his four daughters. Victor is passionate about sourcing locally grown food, especially from our exclusive farm Willow Creek. 

Owner: Traci lipps

Traci is the owner and operator of Willow Creek Farm in Urbana and partner in V. Picasso and the Pink Pig (opening 2018). She's passionate about implementing friendly techniques in raising her animals and vegetables. She loves spending time with her four kids and her horse, Daegan.  

 Front of house manager: Jake Wallace

Jake's passionate about creating new cocktails and servicing wine for guests to enjoy. He takes pride in creating a great atmosphere for guests, as well as organizing events at V. Picasso and Willow Creek Farm. In his free time, Jake enjoys sports, music and socializing. 

Willow Creek Farm

Willow Creek Farm

Our family farm is passionate about growing food and raising animals exclusively for V.Picasso Wine Bar and Restaurant. In season, Willow Creek Farm’s 40 acres of cultivated gardens supply fresh herbs, honey, vegetables, meat and eggs used by Chef Defehr and his staff at V.Picasso. Our unique collaboration and close proximity to V.Picasso (only 7.5 miles away) allows them to source the highest quality ingredients of not only the season but of that day, creating a distinctive dining experience!

Willow Creek Farm is still growing with new additions each year. We hope to have a breeding stock of cattle, goats and sheep by next year. With our Boer goat herd complete, we’re now working to build our beef herd with our newest bull, Señor Toro. All of our animals are grass-fed, raised right here on our pasture, and are antibiotic and hormone free.

We currently have three honey bee hives on our farm. We use 100% natural beekeeping methods with no chemicals. Hank's Honey is available for purchase from V.Picasso.

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